Volunteer program management system
Convenient and modern tool to enhance |
What is VOWIBO?
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    Project manager
    Create and control events.
    Form groups of participants.
    Delegate authority.
    By creating short-term and long-term tasks, track their progress.
    Keep records of work hours.
    Leave feedback and share recommendations.
    Study statistics and conduct activity analysis.
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    Reliable trust infrastructure.
    Store information and share it directly.
    Electronic notary, always ready to confirm
    the authenticity of the experience activities and interactions
    with other users acting as an arbitrator.
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    Round the clock support
    Being anywhere in the world, you can always be sure of reliable support from our experts.
    Through any convenient means of communication.
VOWIBO — this is a modern system of coordination of participants of volunteer activities. It allows you to: create events, track their status, assign responsible, keep a record of the work done, study statistics and conduct Analytics of social activitie, interact with the community developing with it regardless of your location.
Now to control volunteer activities with VOWIBO easier.
According to the UN estimates, there are 1 000 000 000 billion Volunteers
What you get?
The best solution for the organization of work in order to optimize the workflow, to ensure transparency, improve teamwork
How it works
Flexible setting of access rights. Your data is only available to those to whom you have allowed them to be seen
Simple and convenient
Nothing to download and install. Need Internet access and a modern browser
Communicate with all participants on a single platform, where there is all the accompanying context
Flexible support, management and monitoring of team work in real time

VOWIBO — connect with projects requiring your skills or experience throughout the world.
Plan your time in the task scheduler.
Confirm your experience with an ID card.
Create and supervise volunteer groups.
Keep an electronic portfolio.
Round the clock legal support.

VOWIBO — will help to find experienced and qualified volunteers to solve your problems.
Control your event from anywhere in the world.
Assign responsibility.
Study statistics and improve the quality of work.
Attract partners and solve the most ambitious tasks.

VOWIBO — will help find an Executive
or needing your support, providing you with a full range of tools to help you oversee the event.
Reduce risk by managing your partners ' events
Follow the online progress of the tasks
Generate tasks and methods to solve them
Unique opportunity
The modern format of the mobile application will allow us to quickly and effectively implement volunteering in our daily lives, and the convenience of the application will make the search for volunteers simple and accessible to all
Event monitoring
Keep a record of activities, monitor any number of events appointing responsible
Social service
you or the organization
we will help you to find each other
Shows your experience to any member of the system, anywhere in the world on any electronic medium
in a professional team. Participate
in the most ambitious projects
School of personnel
Improve your skills or share your experience
ID card
Increase the level of trust by getting a volunteer card. Open up new opportunities for growth
What to do
Data collection
Fill out a short form
if possible, specify your area of residence.
Information processing
Who needs more, the one in the front rows.
After receiving your data, we structure it.
This will help us learn the most in need of VOWIBO regions.
Full access
Everyone needs time to understand.
After starting VOWIBO, we will send
to your email invitation
with unlimited access to the system.
Leave your data now and help
people with VOWIBO
If you are a volunteer, select this option
If you have an organization and you are looking for partners or performers, select this item
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